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What does it mean to be a Formative Champion?

Formative Champions support the Formative Team on a voluntary basis. They will attend conferences (online or in person) and create a web of knowledge, connection, and resources to grow the community and raise awareness of Formative.

As a Formative Champion, you will work closely with Community and Engagement Manager Nicole Sterling to ensure that events and conferences benefit the community.

Is it for me?

Formative wants enthusiastic team players who can bring people together and raise awareness of Formative.

Our goal:
to improve student outcomes and educator effectiveness by accelerating the student-teacher feedback loop and closing the opportunity gap.

A Champion’s Role

Champions will attend conferences or spread Formative awareness by interacting with the community and providing feedback.

What should Formative Champions do?

Become Community Leaders

Join Formative and speak at regional and national conferences. Step up to the podium; share your story about how Formative has helped change teaching.

Spread the word

Become the thought leader your community needs. Help promote Formative within your social networks.

Shape the future

Get behind-the-scenes access to what's coming down the pipeline, and share your ideas and feedback with the Formative Team.

Become Regional Leaders

Act as regional leaders for Formative so you can help represent the best of this community and platform to other schools and districts.

Our community is 100% awesome.

Ready to Join?

  • Complete the Certified Educators Program.
  • Possess great people skills: be approachable and friendly.
  • Have good communication skills.
  • Be responsive and confident when talking to a wide range of people.
  • Use Formative, identify with its mission, and familiarize yourself with the platform.
  • Get the opportunity to meet fellow educators, build your network, and share your web of knowledge.
  • Get more out of your experience with Formative.
  • Become part of the process when key platform decisions or changes are made.
  • Get early access - and provide feedback - to new Formative features!

Become a Formative Champion

Love Formative? Want to be part of a global community of leaders, educators, and EdTech enthusiasts? Look no further! Apply to be a Formative Champion: help bring the Formative Community to life!

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